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about sycomantis.

As a marketing and design agency, our passion has always been music and it inspired us to get more involved in the culture. We soon saw how hard it is for aspiring artists to make it in the industry, so together with our cumulative years of marketing and graphic design experience we created sycomantis, an interactive design studio which not only creates artwork and formulates marketing strategies, but also hosts a global creative space for artists to showcase their talents.

cover art

​This is our specialty and passion. We create appropriate artwork to give a visual representation of your masterpiece. 

social media

It's not just about posting, it's about the right content at the right time to the right consumer. We create unique content for your brand and build campaigns across all social media platforms.


Promoting goes beyond just social media. Get your brand out there using various channels like print media. Create that perfect hoodie with your brand for your fans to don. 


Argubly your single most importnat investment when creating a brand and we pride ourselves in creating recognizable, lasting logos that is as unique as our clients.


The world wide web is a vast place, let us create a website that stands out from the rest with whatever functionally you  may need.

Because we understand the hustle we try our best to keep our rates as low as we possibly can without running our business into the ground.

low rates

cover artwork

Do not judge a book by its cover? That does not apply here. We create appropriate artwork to give a visual representation of all the blood, sweat and tears put into creating music. Anything you can dream up we can create. 

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