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MADBLAQ (Rap Game Ntsan'wisi) as his Known for but his real Name is Hitekani Ronald Khosa, born 13 May 1990 from a village called Merwe A at Madonsi, in Malamulele. MADBLAQ  is an independent artist under his own label Shalati Production. 
His sound is a unique creative hip-hop fusion of Xitsonga and English. Lyrically MADBLAQ's music has an impact in all age groups based on the content of his songs which is mostly real life stories and experiences in a form of story telling. 

His interest in Hip Hop music started around 2005 at the age of 15 and from there the musical journey continued and it didn't take time for him to take action. In 2015 he formed a duo with an artist from venda named 'Kadett' and they called themselves 'Elements'.
In 2017 MADBLAQ started his solo music career and released his first official single "Ntsan'wisi", which was also was playlisted on different radio stations like Univen FM and Mala FM 101 it then became the number 1 hit on the Univen FM Local Top 10 followed by a radio interview on both radio stations. 


In 2017, on the 27th of November MADBLAQ released his first project 'Never Gave Up EP' which includes songs such as 'Ntsan'wisi', 'Mbilu' and 'Mama' ,and have had an impact on his musical journey playing a crucial role in growing his fanbase to what it is today. 
In 2018 'Never Gave Up EP' was nominated and won Best Xitsonga Hip-hop Album at the 'Giant Reefs Music Awards and hence forth it didn't take long for MADBLAQ to release his second project 'Rap Game Ntsan'wisi EP', which included songs such as 'Byaleni', 'Millie' and 'Rain On Me'.
The Ep did extremely well as some of the songs from the project got recognition like 'Millie' which had a chance to be playlisted on different Radio stations like Munghana Lonene FM, Mala FM 101 and also GCR FM. 'Rap Game Ntsan'wisi EP' went to also win Best Xitsonga Hip-hop Album at the 'Giant Reefs Music Awards 2019'.Two Different projects same trophy each year for Best 2018 and 2019 Hip Hop Album making it a Giant Reefs Music Award record. 

Currently in 2019 MADBLAQ was voted the best rapper on Mala Fm 101's show Mic Club 101 on their top 10 Mc's List and his songs have been charting their playlists oftenly and as of November 2019 he released his third project named 'Flight To Nhlamulo EP' which was followed by it's launch which took place at The Rest Lodge which was successful. 

'Flight To Nhlamulo EP' is out now with songs such as 'Vakwihi', 'Kaya' and 'Unga lahli' currently being playlisted on Mala FM 101 Show's 'Flight To Nhlamulo EP' is also available on online stores such as Audiomack, Soundcloud and Hoyozela. MADBLAQ promises nothing but more great music in the future.


DNazareth is a 27 yr old male rap artist from the Shoreline area of Connecticut.  Creating music since 2006, he began writing songs, while heavily influenced by the sounds of Horrorcore music. An underground genre, promoting lyrics and topics on the darker side of life, as well as club and party music.

In 2018 he released his first mixtape “ Quarter Life Crisis” on his own, followed by the release of the single "Boulder". Towards the end of 2018, DNazareth caught the attention of one New England's most controversial hip- hop artist's Freeze Martian and began making music under his independent Hip-Hop label, Mercy Counts Records.





The track "Sauce" was made in Miami together with Marcus Braveboy - real Caribbean star. Actually, we just had a lot of fun and all these positive vibrations are here in the track. If you control the sauce in the kitchen then you are the boss - you decide what the result will be. The idea of the track is to make some hype on such an everyday thing like sauce, by making an unusual and remarkable dance beat, adding one more conceptual track to JØØLíA project.

Los Angeles based artist, Britt Lari, has been perfecting her many crafts since 1999. Originally a skilled pianist, she eventually earned the title of international elite gymnast, while simultaneously maintaining a prominent singing career in her beloved hometown of Lima, Peru.

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