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It's the Boombap rapping machine from the future! Join us as we hack into the mind of this lyrical genius


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BattleStar Galactika - DatahoaX
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           Give 3 words that best describe yourself? 
Creative - Intelligent - Bipolar. 

How would you describe your musical style? 
Old-school Boombap - with a Futuristic Rhyme Style. 

Who is your superhero alter-ego and why? 
<HeXagon X>  HipHop ‘Super-Villain’ Emcee…  
My Tracks tend to lean to the Dark-Side & One day, in the middle of a track, the Name ‘Hex X’ popped up in a verse so I stuck with it because I liked the Sound of the Words. 

Where do you find your artistic inspiration? 
Straight from the Old-school masters like KRS-One & Jeru Tha Damaja… back when boombap & lyrical Flow mattered. 

How many times does it take for you to listen to a song that you love before
you actually start hating it instead?
I feel that hate is a strong old word in terms of Music! When I make any track, initially, I am not too happy with the result because I have been working on the same sounds repetitively for hours on end & have dissected & picked it apart from every angle. It is only on reflection, listening back a few days later that I can really get a realistic judgment of the overall sound… Then sometimes I’m happy with the results, but then again, I am ‘Bi-Polar’ Type 1 & a perfectionist so I always feel that I could do better.

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We Are Not Alone

Alternative Post-Rock Band | Northern Italy

WE ARE NOT ALONE is an Alternative Post-rock / Spacecore band from Northern Italy. Their sound is defined by intense instrumental parts, deep sounds, great use of effects, powerful distortions and suggestive atmospheres. Everything is characterized by a melodic voice that tells stories of heroes that come from far away, lost galaxies and science fiction themes.

On 18th January 2019 they released their first Music Video "Trappist-1" from the EP "The Space Between Us" which you can find on Spotify. The EP is an experience that makes the group take a path of artistic evolution up until today. They are currently working on their first upcoming album. "Keep looking at the stars, 'cause we are not alone out there"

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Give youR haters more reason to hate

Sonic Snares

Music Producer / DJ | Graz, Austria

SONIC SNARES has taken the art of DJing and introduced it to his passion for live drumming and lush, HD visuals to deliver a truly inimitable and immersive live performance. Drawing on a dynamic musical palette, from Progressive and Tribal House, to dirtier, punchier EDM and Electro, Sonic Snares has the inventory and ammunition to make any event go off. Sonic Snares, born Phil Reisinger, embodies his passion for music and live performance through this incredible and unique project.

This unique and hard-to-copy show boasts, at its core, a skilled multi-instrumentalist in Sonic Snares. His talent for live drumming - earned through nearly 20-years of professional performing and world-renowned training - allows him to trigger intense and vibrant HD Visuals on the fly and in sync with the music. Combine this with his technical prowess behind the decks, and you have an all encompassing sensory experience like no other, designed with the sole intention of throwing clubs and festivals into a frenzy.


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