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We are. magazine, is a music and lifestyle online magazine aimed at you, featuring you, for you!

At sycomantis® we pride ourselves in helping talented individuals or brands to get the attention and recognition they deserve, whether it's through creating lasting art pieces which visually represent who and what they 're about, or marketing them and giving them a voice or digital footprint.


We unearth talent, those hustling to achieve greatness and we give them a global platform to show what they have to offer. This is a platform to reach even more like-mind people, a place we can share, inspire and collaborate together. sycomantis® is about a collective of like-minded people coming together to form an unstoppable force. Nothing can stop true talent, we here to support and take that talent to the next level. Together we are sycomantis.




Overland Park, Kansas, United States of America

Baddest female rapper coming out of Kansas. This up and coming artist holds no punches and has her eyes firmly set on the big time, and who dares stand in her way. Follow her journey to the top and don't forget to check her spitting her sick rhymes as she continues to make waves.

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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Jay Dean
Jay Dean

Hailed as this generation’s Fabolous, this Bronx Emcee Hawkendz couldn’t have come at a better time. As hip-hop takes as many turns as the different artists that come and goes.  Hawkendz is here to remind us that originality still exists, and he is willing to have fun with it. Born and raised near Mitchell Project in the Bronx, he grew up in two different worlds. One was music and the other was the struggle.  Hawkendz is here to bring both worlds and much more with his wordplay, humor and versatile styles that combined today's swag with yesteryears skills.


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Letter To My Friend - Hawkendz
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In The Whip - Hawkendz
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With You - Hawkendz
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  • Waste Of My Time

Waste Of My Time

  • Money Earned

Waste Of My Time

  • Special Girl

Special Girl


Van Der Berg

Music Producer / DJ

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As I started in 2013 I never dared to believe that only 5 years later I would be where I currently am...


Having had quite a bit of luck, I now have international gigs, weekly national ones, and a massive loyal following.. my vision is to help other like-minded people to achieve this as well.


With my first season of Space Exploration, I had a bunch of guest-mixes from others in the scene and because of that they now also have weekly gigs, and one in particular has a record deal... I don’t want it to stop there, the new season is coming and it’s getting bigger and better!

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Shawn Dilleon

"Everything hip-hop fans claim is missing in the game can now be found.

Punchlines, check! Storytelling, check!

something you might actually like,check!"

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Thiggaty - Shawn Dilleon
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MFN Diamond

We kicking off our first edition of we are. Magazine properly. It was an obvious choice to host MFN Diamond as our very first guest cover model. Hot is an understatement and we thank her for being apart of this movement.

To follow more of her get to her Instagram account now and say hi. @mfndiamond 

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NDAI is an audacious creative soul who makes art with her heart, a multi-disciplinary artist whose artistic expression spans across music, art, and film.



 "Nobody's Ting"

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