Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Horrorcore influenced Rapper from Connecticut making big waves as he rocks the Hip-Hop boat.

DNazareth is a 27 year old male rap artist from the Shoreline area of Connecticut. Creating music since 2006, he began writing songs, while heavily influenced by the sounds of Horrorcore music. An underground genre, promoting lyrics and topics on the darker side of life, as well as club and party music.

In 2018 he released his first mixtape “ Quarter Life Crisis” on his own, followed by the release of the single "Boulder". Towards the end of 2018, DNazareth caught the attention of one New England's most controversial hip- hop artist's Freeze Martian and began making music under his independent Hip-Hop label, Mercy Counts Records. On Jan 5, 2019, DNaz released his first EP on Mercy Counts called “Trippin On The Green” with the fresh ass artwork from sycomantis®. He was later featured on Mercy Counts Records supergroup, Beyond Top Secrets highly anticipated album "Destroy & Rebuild". Steam-rolling ahead, DNazareth is currently working on his 2nd E.P and Mercy Counts Records release "Holy Vigilante" on 4/20/2019.

The future remains bright for this rising artist. Today DNazareth is giving us a taste of his music to come with the new single "Bully" Ft Samira Dezaki yet another talented upcoming artist to watch out for! The eye-grabbing cover art proudly provided yet again by sycomantis® and the new heavy spitter DNazareth, we Present to you the new bump for your trunk “Bully”.

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